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GreenSoil Auto Bricks Ltd. is a Business concern of Moushokh Group.

Brick making is considered an ancient art. It has been used from the ancient time and are still used enormously in modern construction in everywhere. Auto Bricks is a fully automated brick field providing sustainable and ecofriendly buildingmaterial bricks to the entire country. We are using best quality raw materials, most advanced machinery and processing equipment’s for making finest quality bricks. We care our nature so we are using low carbon emission technology during our production. Moreover we strive to serve our beloved country with proper ethical and long standing good business practices.

Features & Attributes:                     
– Proper size & well measured,
– Perfect finishing for esthetic looks,
– Damp proof,
– Heat resistance
– Less use of cement, sand and plaster
– Cost effective,
– Strong and long-lasting.

1 No Brick



3 hole Brick

6 Hole Brick

10 hole Brick

Fields of expertise

Sourcing Material

We collect good quality earth sourced from Sylhet which containing dissolvent salt or other harmful impurities is treated appropriately.

Environment Friendly

Environment friendly processes are being maintained because of uses 30% less energy than traditional brick fields, recycles heat generated in the kiln to dry green bricks and eliminates the emission of black smoke laden with CO2 gas.

Our Technology

Bricks are made by Automatic Machines by China Technology. We ensure air space free proper molding of clay by our fully automatic machine.

Drying System

Green / Raw Bricks are drying in a drying chamber with strictly controls temperature, airflow and proffer time

Firing / Buring Element

Best quality Coal used as Fuel. Firing kiln ensures uniform firing, preventing color variations, deformity and shrinkage etc

Working Team

A professional and experienced team is being engaged for production and delivery of the products under the leadership of a professional and experienced Factory Manager.

Factory    Debnarpar Ulukandi, Aushkandi, Nabiganj , Habiganj

Corporate Office : Block# C, Road # 06, House # 47, Level #5, Niketon, Gulsan-1, Dhaka

Contact Number : 01730262317, 01729093390.

(Sales) 01923330900, 01923330901.

Email :,

Approved by Government Department of Environment.





  • Specified Dimension
  • Density
  • Water absorption.
  • Equipment
  • Calculation of water absorption.

Our Sister Concerns

Block# C, Road # 06, House # 47, Level #5, Niketon, Gulsan-1, Dhaka

Debnarpar Ulukandi, Aushkandi, Nabiganj , Habiganj

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Gutolia, P.O: Panchrukhi-1460, P.S/Thana: Rupgonj, Narayangonj.

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