‘Link to Excel’ is our Moto which significances our objective and aspirations. ‘H Link BD. Ltd.’ is the name of confidence through which the buyer and the supplier both are happily linked. That’s what we do.

Based on strongly cemented trust we are duty bound to our clients for smooth, honest and guaranteed services. We the few highly professionals have started linking our clients to the desired corners of the world only since 2019. Since then we travelled quite a bit with success and travelling hard to reach to the pinnacle of ‘Link to Excel’.

We are specialized in trading and indenting for BOF, DGDP, Construction, health Avionics and in industrial sectors. Thus we are ready to absorbe and also welcome standard domestic and international suppliers and manufactures to be our partners in bilateral business. We represent world class principal sellers and manufacturers as local agent. Our comfort zone encompasses Turkey, Bosnia, Malaysia, China, Germany, USA and South Korea so on.

Contact Details

Maj Gen Md Mashud Razzaq (RETIRED), ndc, afwc, psc,

Managing Director
  • +88 01730 581 819
  • mashud.razzaq@hlinkbd.com

Corporate Office

  • +88 0172 9 093 390
  • Block# C, Road # 06, House # 47, Level #5, Niketon, Gulsan-1 Dhaka.
  • Info@hlinkbd.com
  • protik.karim@hlinkbd.com
  • www.hlinkbd.com

UK office Address

  • Jewel Chowdhury (Phone: +44 07713174324).
  • Shazid Miah (Phone: +44 07889280027).
  • 333 Stratford Workshops, Burford Road, London E15 2SP
  • www.hlinkbd.com

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Block# C, Road # 06, House # 47, Level #5, Niketon, Gulsan-1, Dhaka

Debnarpar Ulukandi, Aushkandi, Nabiganj , Habiganj

Fultoli, Nobiganj, Hobiganj


Gutolia, P.O: Panchrukhi-1460, P.S/Thana: Rupgonj, Narayangonj.

Block# C, R # 06, H # 47, Level #5, Niketon,Gulsan-1 Dhaka-1212

Sataihal Purbopara, Fultoli bazar, Nabiganj, Habiganj.

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